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Communication Assistive Technology (Level 2)

Accreditation in communication assistive technology level 2 (CAT level 2) allows you to assess and recommend solutions for people who have complex communication needs.

The level 2 credential covers these types of situations:

  • highly complex equipment that requires specialist technical knowledge and support

  • joint assessments for school students following the Therapy and Assistive Technology and Equipment Operational protocols between the Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People and Ministry of Education

  • people living with others in a community residential setting or residential care

  • people who have deteriorating conditions.

Who is eligible?

The following health professionals can apply for this credential:

  • credentialed CAT Level 1 assessors with at least 1 year’s experience providing communication assistive technology.

What are the accreditation requirements?

The competency framework sets out the pathway to gaining the credential.

Communication assistive technology competency framework

Under supervision you will complete two case studies, which a credentialing panel will review.

Your supervisor must complete a declaration.

Employer Declaration on Communication Assistive Technology

You will need to:

  • identify a supervisor (contact ATANZ or TalkLink if you need help)

  • apply for provisional accreditation (CAT level 2) in EMS Assessor Online.

When you have met all the requirements you can apply to have the credential added to your assessor account.

When does this accreditation expire?

This accreditation is valid for three years.  Learn more about when and how to renew your credential.

Recredentialing Requirements for communication assistive technology

Reference material

There is no other reference material for this accreditation.