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Request support with complex housing modifications

Find out about our housing modification support service for EMS assessors and how to access it.

What this service offers

Our housing modification support service, run by highly skilled EMS advisors, offers EMS assessors the following options:

  • Telehealth clinic using technology such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or FaceTime

  • Clinical support to explore all viable options with your client and their family/whānau

  • Technical support from an Enable housing advisor during the design process

  • Working with the EMS advisor to look at a range of concepts and identify solutions

  • Discussion of your client’s case during our EMS Advisory team meeting (whole team approach) and/or consultation with the Advisory team from Accessable (for national consistency)

  • Team support where:

    • the client’s needs are extremely complex, or

    • the environment to be modified is particularly challenging, or

    • the scope of works is likely to be particularly expensive

  • An opportunity for your colleagues (with the client’s permission) to attend the Telehealth clinic (or on-site visit, where agreed) to gain skills and knowledge.

On-site visits

Please note that an on-site visit will take place only where the options above are unsuitable or unsuccessful. Your EMS advisor will decide if an on-site visit is necessary.

Accessing this service

To access our housing modification support service, please submit a request for EMS advice (housing) using ProWorkflow.

You can discuss the options above with the EMS advisor during the consultation.

Access our guides and tutorials to help you prepare and submit an EMS advice request

More information

For more information about this service please email our advisory team at