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Add a client

How to create a client record when you are creating an order in the MRES App.

1. Select ‘+Add New’.

Screenshot of how to add a new client

The "Add a client' screen displays.

Screenshot of the add a client screen

2. Enter the client details. See the table below for how to complete the fields.

3. Select ‘Submit’ to add the client record and return to the order.

Completing client details


What to enter

NameClient's first name and last name
Date of birth

Please note: The required format is specific so please follow these steps to add the client's DOB. A screenshot is shown under this table.

Example: Client's DOB is 7 November 1942

  1. Click into the DOB field to bring up the calendar

  2. Select the birth date and month in the current year, for example, 7 November 2021

  3. Type over the current year with the year of birth. That is, change 2021 to 1942 so the DOB now reads 7 November 1942

Calendar showing DOB selection

NHIClient's NHI number if available. Preferred but not mandatory
Client alertPotential safety risks such as COVID-19, gang affiliation
Client addressAdd client address or addresses. Note anything relevant for deliveries such as steep driveway, dog on property
Default addressSelect a default address if the client has more than 1 address
Client phone number

Add client phone number (required). Leave the leading '0' off the number. For example, if the phone number is '021 234 567' enter '21 234 567'.

Default phone number

Select a default number if the client has more than 1 phone number, such as a mobile and a landline.

Please note: If the client has 2 or more phone numbers and a default number is not selected, then neither phone number displays on the order.