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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the MRES App and MRES processes.

Questions and answers about the MRES App

Can I send a screenshot of the quote?

When supplying a quote for a piece of equipment, please supply an official quote which includes who the supplier is. We cannot accept screenshots of equipment listings and prices.

Can I order clinical and medical devices in the MRES App?

Enable New Zealand doesn’t supply medical equipment.

If your client requires medical equipment, please complete a separate ACC96 for the medical equipment only and email this with your assessment report directly to your client’s Recovery Team Member.

Continue to order any rehabilitation equipment via the MRES App.

I'm a third party administrator (TPA). Do I need to use the ACC45 number?

Yes, when confirming the claim number for an order in the MRES App, please use the ACC45 number.

Why can't I see the client's address or phone number in the MRES App order?

If the client has two phone numbers or addresses, please make sure you select a default number or address by ticking the relevant Default box. If a default number or address is not ticked, neither phone number or address displays.

What should I do if I haven’t got a login for the ACC MRES App?

You can request a login for the ACC MRES App by completing the MRES User Access form on our website. Please note all mandatory fields must be provided to request a login.

ACC MRES User Access

Why does ACC MRES advise the Claim number is invalid?

A check is performed against an ACC System. If the claim number is not found or the claim is closed, the validation will fail.

If the Claim Number is valid, why do I have to re-type their name and DOB?

The client details do not carry over from the ACC validation system, so the clients details need to be searched in the MRES application, by first name, last name and DOB. If the clients details are not found, then you will need to create the clients details by activating the checkbox for Add New Client in the Add Order screen. And completing the Add Client form.

How do I change the delivery address?

You can overwrite either the client or assessor address if you want the item to be shipped to another address. For example, if the equipment needs to be delivered to the Sub Contractor or a client’s temporary address.

Note: Changing the delivery address in your order won’t affect the client or assessor record in the MRES system

When and how do I add additional items for trial?

Once the trial has started, you can add additional (similar or related) trial items, select '+Add New'  in the 'Edit view' of the Order screen.

NOTE: The trial start date is automatically set (in relationship to the order date). You MUST add new items before updating a trial item as 'unsuccessful', otherwise the MRES app closes the order and no further trial Items can be added .

The MRES App hasn't saved my order. Why is this?

When you have selected ‘Save as draft’ please wait until the blue line at the top of the screen has disappeared, and a message appears in the top righthand corner confirming it has been saved. If you navigate away from the page before this, your order may be lost.

How do I find a client added from a previous order?

Search using first name, last name and date of birth. 

NOTE: The first name and last name must exactly match for the client to be found, for example, search by Benjamin Smith, will not find Ben Smith. 

If an equipment trial is successful, how will the equipment be asset labelled?

All equipment will have an asset label applied by the supplier before it is sent out for trial.

If I need to move house can Enable store my ACC equipment?

No, Enable New Zealand does not store or transfer equipment as part of the MRES contract. If you need assistance with this, you will need to speak to ACC or your Recovery partner directly.