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Managing equipment trials

How to manage the progress of your equipment trial using the MRES App.

Points to note

  • Simple and standard list equipment cannot be trialled.

  • Complex and non-list equipment can be trialled for up to 20 working days. A 20 day extension can be requested.

    • The trial starts when all equipment has been delivered to the client and set up for use.

  • In the MRES App you can:

    • add other related items to a 'trial in progress' order (do this before you mark a trial as unsuccessful)

    • request a trial extension.

  • In the MRES App you will need to:

    • enter a trial start date

    • record the outcome for each trial item (successful/unsuccessful). Marking the trial as successful automatically generates the purchase process. (that is, you don't need to create a new order to purchase successful trial items).

Amend the trial start date (required)

The trial start date automatically populates about 6 weeks from the day ACC approve the trials and the approval is sent to the supplier and assessor. You must amend the trial start date when equipment has been delivered to the client and set up for use. Completing this step then allows you to update the trial outcome and add new trial items to your order.

Screenshot showing where to enter the trial start date

  1. Open your order in 'Edit' mode

  2. Scroll down to the ‘Trial – Pending Start’ area

  3. Amend the ‘Trial Start Date’. The trial end-date auto-populates.

  4. Scroll down and click ‘Update’ to save changes.

Find orders with open trials

Click ‘trial in progress’ on your dashboard will bring up all your open trials 

Add items to trial package (if required)

You can add similar or related items to the trial package order after you've entered a start date. Do this before you update the trial outcome as 'unsuccessful', otherwise the order closes and equipment lines can't be added.

For example, if:

  • the trial outcome was unsuccessful and there is a similar alternative item you'd now like to trial

  • you want to do a comparison trial of a similar product

  • you identify the need for another item related to the existing trial package.

For example, if trialling a bed package and you want to trial another mattress, or you identify the need for bed rails, you can add these items to the original trial order.

However, if you wish to trial any new items unrelated to the original trial package, eg, a wheelchair, you'd need to create a new trial order.

What to do

  1. Open your order in 'Edit' mode

  2. Scroll down to 'Trial Items' section and select 'Add New'

  3. Add the item(s). Make sure you select the correct supplier, and provide the quote number in the 'Quote Ref' field.

  4. Upload the quote.

  5. Add a ‘request note’ to provide a rationale for new items to be trialled (or upload an updated assessment report).

  6. Scroll down and select ‘Update’ to save your changes.

Update trial outcome (required)

You must update the trial outcome for each item (successful or unsuccessful). Unsccessful must be selected even if the item has not been trialed to ensure the order is closed off. If 'unsuccessful', the MRES App closes the order and no more equipment lines can be added.

Include a final quote and quote number if:

  • the original trial quote has changed

  • the trial quote has expired (some are only valid for 30 days)

  • the supplier has provided a final quote, post trial, for a successful item.

What to do

  1. Open your order in 'Edit' mode

  2. Scroll down to the ‘Trial in Progress’ section

  3. Select ‘Trial Outcome’ successful or unsuccessful for the item(s)

  4. Add ‘Trial Outcome Note’ to explain why the trial was successful or unsuccessful. For example: ‘Unsuccessful: Cushion didn’t provide sufficient stability’. Or ‘Successful: Hoist enabled safe transfers’ Or as per new uploaded assessment report.

  5. If successful, and a final quote is to be added, update the quote reference field

  6. Add a request note to advise if you have added quotes for purchase (Enable New Zealand Limited can then process these items for purchase)

  7. Scroll down and select ‘Update’.

Trial reminder emails

Assessors will be sent an automatic reminder that the equipment trial will be ending in 10 days and on the last day of trial. 

If the trial hasn't started or extension needed, the trial dates in the MRES equipment app need to be amended. 

Request a trial extension (optional)

Screenshot showing how to request a trial extension

  1. Open your order in 'Edit' mode

  2. Scroll down to the ‘Trial – In Progress’ area

  3. Tick the ‘Trial Extension Required’ box (the extension end date defaults to +20 days from current date)

  4. Select ‘Extension Notes’ from the ‘Add/Edit Notes’ field

  5. Enter a reason for the extension in the ‘Trial Notes’ field and select ’Submit’

  6. Scroll down and select ‘Update’.